Nanjing Han Xin Pharmaceutical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Create a first-class international drug research and development center


Han Xin Pharmaceutical has a team from seed construction, upstream process, downstream process, process verification, virus removal verification, and has several products that have registered DMF experience。


Medical Instruments

Han Xin has a medical device R & D team and can produce corresponding medical devices. Innovative medical devices (methods of administration) are also the key points of patent protection。



A variety of high-precision instruments to provide customers with a full range of CRO services. A variety of services including API process development, formulation process development, identification, and clinical sample analysis.。



The supporting factory has tens of thousands of square meters of workshops, more than ten GMP workshops, and different sizes of biological raw materials, enzymes, enzyme catalysis, and preparation workshops. From 100 grams to kilograms of biological raw materials, from thousands to 200,000 daily injection production lines, can provide the production of preparation products, and support China, the United States and Europe to declare.


     Nanjing Hanxin Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Hanxin Pharmaceutical), originated from the research and development center of Meiyaxing (Nanjing) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., is located in Building C5 of Jiangsu Life Science and Technology Innovation Park, with a registered capital of 106 million yuan and more than 200 employees.

   Main business scope: CRO, new drug research and development.
   Technical characteristics: Biotechnology (seed, fermentation, purification), medical equipment.
   Research and development products cover pediatrics, metabolism, anesthesia, cardiovascular, respiratory and other fields.
   It involves six major categories of gene recombination, peptides, polysaccharides, enzyme catalysis, monoclonal antibodies, and chiral products. Has now formed rDNA protein series, peptide series, monoclonal antibody series, polysaccharide series, glycoprotein series and so on.